Yesterday the windows started to be placed. A bit of clarity for the location of a few was required today, so Maxim and I went out to Darivka and did so. They’re pretty, and it was good again to see that the men who are […]

March 25th God is always full of surprises this little one is for my sister Wendy, with love a sweet reminder of the childrens book by Beatrix Potter of the sweet little hedgehog This is my new assistant, Sasha, and this particular sunny day we […]

I worked out at the site today, it was a warm day and felt so good to be out  at the Stephen’s home plot. There’s clean up that needed to happen after this winter.  What was amazing to me, after our last work crew that […]

March 20th It was a wonderful day spent with Oksana, sharing with her as we drove out to Kahovka. She was really glad to be back as she has a good friend there now. We spent time with them sharing a meal at a local cafe […]

The metal of the back fence was being installed today. I was there for the start of the work as Tolic, the specialist in ironworks, was getting ready to put it up into the brick framework. A couple other photos from the days showing progress […]

Okay, so this is what progress looks like!!! March 16th  Almost one year to date from our initial start date a year ago on March 19th, 2016. ~ a walk through the house ~ This is the start of the plumbing trench from the furthest […]

March 9th  A day of clarity Having now officially owned the plot of ground that is our therapy garden for a month now, we had it officially surveyed to make sure we understand where the plot marks are. Our neighbor lady who sold us the […]