Life in Darivka, the plant type This Tulip tree will be the center of the therapy garden at Stephen’s home supplies I think the work crew’s staying dry through pouring rain at the time this was taken yesterday

Rain and a few delays, but the action continues. Less than 2 weeks and the team from the States will arrive. Planning lots of work for them to do 🙂 Layer 2 of the foundation blocks gets stacked around the outer perimeter

Each day brings a bit more progress, this was yesterday, April 19th. It was pretty yesterday. Today it’s not stopped pouring rain, which is great for the new trees we planted, not great for doing cement work. This is the arrival of our Tulip tree that […]

PROGRESS! Much more work is now involved as the team of “directors” have discussed the need for leveling the building plot so the house will have an even floor. This is a challenge to also keep water from draining towards the house. Raising the ground […]

Not to cause any distraction from the work being done on Stephen’s home, but plans for Naomi’s home are beginning to come together. Here below are the preliminary drawings for the floor-plan layout of the house and adjacent private dwellings for married couples.