March 20th
It was a wonderful day spent with Oksana, sharing with her as we drove out to Kahovka. She was really glad to be back as she has a good friend there now. We spent time with them sharing a meal at a local cafe and talking together. The staff there at the institution were nice yesterday and had been helpful in allowing Oksana more space on her side of the room she shares, an answer to prayer. 
The Lord went with us.

Also, majority of the windows arrived yesterday at the building site for the house. The ones we are still waiting on will take a bit longer to be made. In the main hall we ordered a cherry wood-like look finish for the framing of the 3 windows on the interior portion of the windows.

these are bathroom and bedroom windows

The past few days a lot of drilling through the foundation has taken place for the plumbing pipes that will go in very soon.
The daylight seen in the hole above is the last hole to be drilled, 
it will be a airduct for the fireplace 
soon to be built here in the foreground of the photo above.

Again the main plumbing trench, 
the foundation hole made from the outdoor garden back into the house.
This trench will exit out the other side of the house behind where I am standing.
Maxim working with our builder, Pasha, who’s team of men are doing excellent work.

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