I worked out at the site today, it was a warm day and felt so good to be out 
at the Stephen’s home plot.
There’s clean up that needed to happen after this winter. 
What was amazing to me, after our last work crew that could have cared less, this one actually had already started to organize, clean and clear out the house. 

They are getting ready to do the flooring and all that that entails in the next couple 
weeks, so wood was stacked outside neatly…

… back behind the plumbing trench out to the sewage tank, that circular green top

other wood leftovers were nicely arranged
This is the trench being dug for the water source into the house 
from the city water pipeline and
by the end of the week the trench went all the way to water meter. (below)

Here’s the start of all that’s going below the floor:

utility room drain for a washer/dryer & utility garden sink

two bathrooms at the far end of the house for
the guest room and exercise room 

piping from the house parents quarters joining the main line

two bathrooms back to back for the young men in this back area
finished by the end of the week (below)

the main pipe through the house is ready to be buried, 
sand goes on after the cement sets

kitchen sink #1
this one will be accessible for those in wheelchairs

kitchen sink #2
this main sink will be used by the mother of the home, most days

perspective 2 on kitchen sink #2

from the kitchen looking into the entryway on the left 
and the main hall, center

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