March 25th
God is always full of surprises

this little one is for my sister Wendy, with love
a sweet reminder of the childrens book by Beatrix Potter of the sweet little hedgehog

This is my new assistant, Sasha, and this particular sunny day we were heading out to work in the garden at Stephen’s house, we took a detour…

…and found this cute little roll on the property for Naomi’s house, a fun & sweet delight.


We worked hard and got about a third of the trees ready for spring. Removal of all the leaves that served as insulation around the base of the trees from the winter was the first thing to get accomplished. The three small evergreen trees all developed some kind of fungus so we sprayed and watered them with nutrients to hopefully help. All the trees received a form of root nutrient and the glue to keep ants carrying aphid eggs and also snails off the trees was applied. 

end of the day results, quite a bit tidier

There’s still a lot of construction in the yard to be done. Rain water wells need to be dug and the grapevine arbor needs to be set in place. Once the plumbing system is in then these others will be worked on and then, maybe? some more possible clean up and flowers could go in before it gets too hot, just maybe.

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