We have a dry basement,  I’ve seen it now with my own eyes YEAH! This is greatly due in part to the fact that we now have  stairs down to the basement. Very excited about this. yes, the ceiling looks just a little bizarre – not quite certain […]

We had a work day out in Darivka this past Saturday. It was time to clean up!  So members from my church in Kherson along with some extra helpers joined in to MOVE TILES INTO STEPHEN’S HOUSE Nick helping to separate out the boxes of tiles […]

LEGALITIES the requirements for opening Stephen’s home State paperwork completed Meeting standard requirements for our specific type of service Vehicle for the home Staff members need medical paper that say they are allowed to work with children Programing that provides development/progression for the young men. […]

So the staircase to the basement/cold cellar  has been a really big deal for a number of reasons. The first being the wet basement this past spring that needed to be fixed before anything could be done. Once the wetbase walls and then floor were […]

So the green room has been toned down since Beverly and Rhonda put on the first coats. Sashinka and I worked, along with my friend Jen, to make the stripes on the walls, muting the brightness, and many of the stripes grew limbs😏. The theme […]

Been Busy! This is the safari bathroom next to the main bathroom There are two others that are in progress of getting completed then one more to go. Walls are going up, as you’ve seen, but the interior walls are just about completed. The last […]

Waiting to get the inspections done and approval for the home to be declared residential, a home that can be lived in! kitchen, side door front door garden courtyard door getting started on one of the bathrooms this is a central, main bathroom,  stilling needing […]

So I took a 2 day break for rest his week & so did the team of workers, but not before they unloaded this pile. COLOR is coming into the house the foundation wall for the fence, another layer higher Volvo putting in the glass block […]