The finishing work out at the church is what’s been able to happen through these cold months. The first indoor bathroom at the church is now working.  I can say this with confidence as the outhouse is no longer standing. BEFORE AFTER

Much of what has been progressing out at the property lately, doesn’t include pictures. It’s document after document that has to be filed here or there. Sasha’s spent much time going back and forth between many of the same offices as forms have to be […]

Sasha, project manager, & Rex, architect, with eMi Engineering Ministries International(eMi) out of Colorado Springs, CO is partnering with us to help in creating handicapped accessible floor plans and layouts for the rooms of Naomi’s and Stephen’s homes. Rex spent 3 days waiting in Istanbul for the […]

With the cold winter weather outside, progress has still been able to progress at the church addition inside. The bathroom is just about completely tiled, so the toilet hook up and sink installation are about all that’s left.  I did have to use the out […]