Lots getting done!

the first layer of cement on the floors ~
Between yesterday and today 4 trucks delivered cement to complete the job.

end of day 2

my two partners for work today

Oksana working hard in the garden
preparing the flower bed for morning glories

Sashinka, my assistant, who loves to garden did a lot of clearing today.

I love the fields of green around Darivka!

Tolic, our metal works artist, began putting up the grapevine arbor today.
All of the columns with the grapes in the center of them, were placed today.
Monday the arbor will go on top.

Oksana’s work complete, and a great job she did, cleaning and preparing the flowerbed.

A new perspective! One to enjoy!

Sashinka helped get this area cleared
& these blackcurrant bushes transplanted.


flowers on a blackcurrant bush

the transplanted dark purple lilac shoot

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