May 27th Here in Ukraine, today was the last day of school. In the States we may have a celebration often when a child graduates from kindergarten, some when they go from middle-school to high-school. Here, that happens for all the kids every year, so […]

MAY 26 If you haven’t noticed, RAIN has been the theme through the weeks that the teams have been here. It did that through this last night and continued to downpour this morning making work outdoors next to impossible. I know the plants are appreciating the […]

May 21st 2/3 rds of the team returned home! Yes the jet plane left at 3:21pm – something like that We spent the morning going over last minute plans, talking with Slava the construction designer and making sure Ralph passed along all the knowledge he […]

May 20th Our day to visit the adult institutions Nadya, Sasha’s wife, sharing time with a young man who has down’s syndrome Sergey, one of the young guys who will be in Stephen’s home one day soon. He use to live in the orphanage in […]

May 19th Our last full day of work, and boy did we work! The day started off looking like it was going to be a beautiful one. The project for the day was to get the rest of the foundation poured for the back wall […]

May 18th Sorry for my delay in getting these posted, it’s been a crazy busy few days wrapping up with the guys who have been here to work. This was, like the others, a day of hard work and we accomplished what we set out to […]

May 17th Tuesday, with predictions of rain in the forecast, but more cement arriving this day, the work started right after a breakfast of cornbread and beans was prepared. The cement truck arrived & managed not to hit any of our trees and I think […]

May 16th Monday was a crazy busy day, but no rain! Two thumbs up. Clearing the fallen wall of the septic tank was first on the list. Though a clear sunny day, I still had concerns about the guys being in the pit. We had […]

May 15th Sunday church – orphanage – downtown The church in Darivka Each team member introduced themselves – Bryan shared he’d given every part of his life, with his wife to do whatever God asked, so he showed up at NMSI 6 months ago and […]

May 14th All in a days work! father, son team Dale and Tyler working on making rebar frames for the back wall foundation completed frame and one in place in the corner back property line in-prep for the cement to be poured basement ceiling prepped  […]