Sasha B.

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Sasha is a young man just coming into adulthood, having been moved from the orphanage system in Ukraine, to a group home for children in eastern Ukraine, he began understanding his life had value. With autism and years lacking the love of parents, he’s needed a new place, a home, a family to become a part of as he turned 18. It was without much though at all that PROMISE said yes, when asked by him guardian, about bringing Sasha into Stephen’s Home. Like other young men his age, the adult, dormitory like, institutions are their only other option for the future, but we hope for more for Sasha.

Sasha is quick a cracker-jack, very intuitive and pays attention when you don’t think he is. Often keys have been moved and rehidden to help protect him for things he’s not to get into. Keeping him safe and in sight often takes several people’s efforts when taking daily walks. He’s learning and trying to overcome his fears so he can communicate more clearly and express his wants and needs. Like the other guys in the home, he’s a great helper in the kitchen and garden area. Adjusting is still happening as he moved in September 15, 2021, but his first day he was welcomed as a brother in the home.

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