Okay, so this is what progress looks like!!!
March 16th 
Almost one year to date from our initial start date a year ago on March 19th, 2016.

~ a walk through the house ~
This is the start of the plumbing trench from the furthest point from the septic tank. Two bathrooms will sit back to back here at this end of the house.

the trench goes through the hall and outside to the garden court
a well will sit in one corner here to give cleaning access if needed

back inside again the trench crosses the floor
of the main hall where two other trenches join the main one…

... here at the far end of the hall
this trench joins from the main two bathrooms the boys will use 
between their bedrooms
After exiting the main hall it heads further underground out to the septic tank.

We’ve figured out a better system for the ventilation
putting it into action has taken some effort, but it will all be in the attic space.

This is our very own 
fresh air – intake – ventilation fan system 
for bringing in fresh air from outside.

the experts at work

and below, the soon to be expert at work

Maxim is actually doing a great job, trying to learn as much as he can,
having come into the middle of a project. Pasha, here, is directing us with the placement of the interior walls along this corridor that will soon become sleeping quarters for these young men. The placement of the walls were marked off today.

I noticed the evergreens have made it through the winter, but this is a first that I’ve the blackened lower limbs. These two trees we planted last fall right before the first frost and seem to be doing well, but this doesn’t look good. The white stuff is doggie poop, our security dogs doing. Could he be the cause for the branches to also go bad if he’s using these two trees?

sad, they’ve been doing so well

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