These were taken on Friday,  June10 For the guys who worked so very hard to get the walls of this large tank complete, here is the end result of your labor. Thank you!!! The 40 cm of top soil will go on after the top […]

June 5th The last Sunday & last day for Paul and Bryan Bryan & Paul with the congregation in Darivka Paul preached on community in the body of Christ This Sunday was communion Sunday, shared once a month in most churches. It was also the […]

June 3rd Winding down, we hosted lunch with the crew from Comfort,  the hired building company. They’ve been very gracious & helpful in interacting with the team that has been here to help build. These are the foundation hole prepared for cement for the 8, […]

June 2nd Finished the pit for the septic tank! Sasha is thrilled Done! The hired company is going to begin putting on the top – reinforced cement

June 1st What an amazing day! Before lunch we were all outside working and it looked like it was going to be another day like many others before where we’d had the morning to work, but after lunch was just going to be a downpour. […]

May 30th A very long day, finding out at a long meeting in the morning that there are problems with the quality of materials used for the project & that this could cause some set backs if the materials in question have to be removed […]

MAY 28th The focus, at this point, is to try & get the walls of the septic tank complete before Paul & Bryan depart the end of this week. It’s taking all the man power we have to get the different tasks done from making […]