Sasha D.

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Out of the guys we’re planning to bring into Stephen’s Home, Sasha is one of two still at the orphanage in Oleshky. He was one of the initial guys that came to join in with the teen girls, when I first started working at the orphanage back in 2009. He was hungry for love and meaningful attention. Though my capabilities at that time were very limited, he understood and responded to what little I was able to offer weekly through my visits.

Today, Sasha is a young man who continues to desire to be cared for. He wants to learn and is very creative. Many of you have seen the work Oksana has done with quilling. Sasha participated in many of the same classes with Oksana and has excelled in making 3D pieces of artwork with paper and some beautiful pieces of pictorial artwork too. I have a feeling if given other opportunities, Sasha would jump at them and do very well. Life in the orphanage can be rather mundane; he’s ready for change.

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