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Each one is special in the Father's eyes

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Areas of ministry

Stephen's Home

A Christian family group home for young adult orphaned men with disabilities

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Oleshky Orphanage

State institution for orphans and social orphans who are mentally and physically disabled

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Adult Institutions

Where the orphans we have worked with are placed after they turned 18 years of age

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The work of Alys and PROMISE Ukraine is one of the most beautiful that I have seen. When Jesus talks of "the least of these," I believe He is speaking of those who most of society forgets. PROMISE has not forgotten them. They are all-in, and the care they provide is worth supporting.

Justin Hanneken


I had an opportunity to go to Ukraine to be a part of Alys' ministry, to be with her in the context of an orphanage with kids with special needs and an institution with men, and both of those times changed me in my core.

Bruce McEvoy


I can only speak for myself, David, and Aaron, but I’m sure the rest of Living Water is with us in our amazement of the courage you have to follow the Lord. For the three of us our trip last summer has left a lasting impression of God’s work in the world. You are truly and inspiration and we and our family’s have a deeper heart now for the work that you do.

Ben Trainque


It was kind of one thing after another that humbled me, seeing the incredible work that Alys had done. Nothing was spared in preparation for these young men to come live at Stephen's Home.

Catherine Tilly

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On May 22nd we had 43 people join

Together we can positively impact the system in Ukraine on behalf of adult orphans by providing an alternative to isolation.