Current Open Positions with PROMISE


for disabled young men

Position requirements:

  • Minimum, 18 years of age
  • 1 to 5 days a week working in Darivka at Stephen’s Home
  • Men are preferred as these young guys have rarely had interaction with men that are honorable and Christian examples. They need to be taught simple, yet intentional life skills that will allow them to become a part of a “normal” community.
    • How to get the center of town and back to buy groceries for mom
    • How to properly cross a street and walk over to Naomi’s Home
    • How to plant seeds in the garden and water them so they will grow
    • How to check an email account and write a letter back to a friend or sponsor, what is appropriate to say
    • How to properly clean up after yourself after using the bathroom or taking a shower, always washing hands and leaving the room in the same order you found it, as possible
    • Playing games, reading books, teaching recognition of colors and, adding, through fun experiences with others

The guys will value one on one time as well as time in groups, flexibility will be required.

Agriculture director

for sustainability

Position requirements:

  • 2 years of experience
  • Possibly a degree in agriculture
  • Some aspect of business and management
  • Able to initiate a new business and then once it’s up and running, sustaining it long term, potentially on multiple levels

The position of Agriculture director entails managing the farm on the edge of the village of Darivka where Stephen’s Home has been built and will include, initially, determining what will be needed to begin the process of upstarting the farm as both a place where fields of crops can be grown, orchards planted and produce sufficiently harvested and distributed. Decisions also will need to be made about what and when new initiatives like greenhouses and possible solar panel farming, livestock for food, but also horses for therapy for residents of the home and those in the community will be initiated and implemented.

Again, this will become a very needed and necessary part of PROMISE in order to sustain the long-term provision and care of those living in group homes that are just beginning to be established in this region of Darivka for these young adults with disabilities. The edge of the farmland sits 10 minutes from Stephen’s Home and about 5 minutes from where Naomi’s Home will be built. Potentially, those living in these homes could work, learn a skill, and receive therapy.


Apprenticeship for PROMISE

Position requirements:

  • Applicants should have a good grasp of accounting and can help track receipts and  handle daily purchases in cash based society where receipts are not given and it is not clear when given.
  • The position also requires funneling receipts coming in from multiple workers into one or two books/programs so that accuracy and accountability can be maintained along with reporting to supporters with accuracy every six months to a year.
  • A bachelor’s degree in accounting and some experience in this along with being a team player would be wonderful.
Applicant will be working with and for ministries involved with state and private organizations in Ukraine that minister to mentally and physically disabled orphans, both children and young adults.