For those interested, a few more pics of the ground breaking ceremonyfrom March 19th, 2016 It was quite a day of celebration! Now in Ukraine, as celebrations go, time is not of the essence, so do not plan anything else for your day. Many people shared […]

Today was a lot of equipment was brought to prepared the construction site. We hired a security guard on duty day and night. Today, the foundation started by counting off the measurements for it. We bought spotlights to illuminate the building area and tomorrow they will be mounted. The water was connected. A letter to the village council was written with a request to permit the excess land to be removed. Work in full […]

Saturday, March 19, 2016 The ground breaking ceremony took place at the church in Darivka and the plot for Stephen’s home behind the church was prayed over by those gathered for the ceremony. Sasha, the project manager, was one of the nine pastor’s from the […]

Tomorrow morning, March 12, 2016, at 8am our time, 4pm Ukraine time, the ground breaking prayer ceremony is taking place for Stephen’s Home. My friend Phyllis will be present and take picture that I will share with all, but for those who want to join […]