Most kids in Ukraine have to leave the orphanage at 18 years of age. For orphans labeled mentally disabled, their future is miserable. They are uprooted from the only home they have ever known, the orphanage, and sent to live in a psychological government run institution or an old-age home for the rest of their lives. They have no rights, no formal education and no understanding of life outside the orphanage.

We want to provide hope to those without

Here at PROMISE, in our group homes, they will become a part of a family. We’re bringing them into community; living, loving and caring for them, as Christ loves through us.

Our Mission

Promise is dedicated to giving orphans with disabilities in Ukraine the opportunity to reach their fullest, God given potential by providing for their mental and physical health needs and nurturing them in Biblical principles so that they might come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior and have a personal relationship with Him.

As PROMISE joins with the efforts in Ukraine to help in providing social services to orphans with special needs, we’ll be opening the doors to their freedom by allowing these young people to begin to make decisions for themselves. This will enable them to try something new, something they have only dreamed of doing in a Christ-centered atmosphere and community where they know they are safe and loved.

Our Purpose and Goals

The current primary goal of providing home-like facilities for adults with developmental disabilities is so that they can reach their fullest potential as we help meet their mental, physical and spiritual health needs.

PROMISE exists to create better environments where people with disabilities can heal, grow and be nourished.  We exist to enable educational opportunities, to teach new skills and to encourage independence, self worth and dignity.

  • For individuals, we provide residential alternatives.
  • For families, we offer information and encouragement.
  • For churches, we provide opportunities to serve people with disabilities.