So I took a 2 day break for rest his week & so did the team of workers, but not before they unloaded this pile. COLOR is coming into the house the foundation wall for the fence, another layer higher Volvo putting in the glass block […]

Just yesterday…  …bathroom walls are going up guest bathroom, below I’ll share a before and after picture once we have things completed

therapy garden & the garden courtyard  starting to take shape This courtyard garden will one day soon have some trees and flowers. Working on making sure water doesn’t run into the house is the priority right now.

as things progress Over the past week and half or two  much work has been happening despite the high temperatures in Darivka. metal reinforced framework in place and then the windows main hall window kitchen sink window excercise window the utility room as more is […]

Here’s a few more pictures from the week of  July 19th through the 27th when the team from Berlin  was here to labor with us out at Stephen’ s home  as they encouraged and blessed us. Jonathan, Stephan, Daniel & Tabea  Fancy stuff in Darivka […]