Lots getting done! the first layer of cement on the floors ~ Between yesterday and today 4 trucks delivered cement to complete the job. end of day 2 my two partners for work today Oksana working hard in the garden preparing the flower bed for […]

A few more pics from our full day in the therapy garden for Stephen’s Home. The tulip tree I pruned, a lot, taking off all the dead branches. Now we wait and see if any new life begins. Very hopeful as there is still life […]

So compare Tuesday’s picture with today ~ after a lot of hard work and many buckets of cement that Maxim walked back to the therapy garden plot. These will be the bases for the metal columns that will hold up arches for the grape vines […]

It was a warmer sunny day today out at the building site, a lot happened. Maxim and I worked in the garden to prepare the grape vines for the base of the  trellis that will begin to go up this Thursday. I’m going to be […]

This next week the first layer of concrete flooring will be poured. You can see in these pictures the preparation for this, as the floors are being pounded down with wood and metal mallets, tossed again and again. The house rather reverberates with the sound […]

Yesterday was the start of some rainy days were are having. My mood has been rather down as well, having learned that our Tulip tree in the center of the therapy garden is dying. Compared with so many other things, this seems quite unimportant. Though […]

A warm sunny day, what a delight. all the bedroom windows look like these, on the left in the house parents quarters This floor has been pounded and is ready for the first layer of cement to be poured. looking out from the utility room […]