On May 22nd we had 43 people join our team and ride, walk and run 1812 miles in order to help us raise $3,500 for four guys, two in the home already and two we are in the process of moving, so they can join the family. It was a beautiful, sunny day and lots of fun and good conversations were had.

A couple ladies from my church came at about 10:30 and began their walk. We did not see them again and figured they’d walked a short bit and went home. 14:30 or so they showed back up again and shared they had a wonderful day together enjoying the beauty of the park. They live close, but rarely have had time.

Two orphaned gals joined us for the day. They have aged out and are living under the guidance of a local Christian lady who has helped many begin on their own, successfully.

Two men from the local rehabilitation center joined us, shared they were actually going to walk across town, share what were doing and come back. They did and said they met many people on the way, gave out flyers about Stephen’s Home. Asked if we had more as they were then going to walk “home” and knew they’d meet more people along the way.

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