What a week of hard work! Not only the company working for us right now, but we’ve had a wonderful week with a great team from International Community Church of Berlin. Hard work was done in hot, hot weather. Friendships were formed that only the […]

Let there be light, let there be light, let there be music this room in Stephen’s home now has  the window space it initially was intended to have Pouring the walls of the drainage tank for the water coming off the roof. yes, it’s another […]

The rest of the windows are going in now with much reinforcement to make sure the weight of the windows will be supported. The windows have three layers of glass, so the larger ones are kinda heavy. Our friends seem to think this is their […]

Day 2 of the flooring finishing process and what a process it is. This is looking down at a doorway, not yet completed. Again so very thankful for the team of men working out at Stephen’s house. Their expertise and quality of work is so much […]

Much work continues in the therapy garden, simply as the heat this summer is already so intense and it’s just now July. The trees are struggling to make it, I”m afraid we’ve lost another apricot tree. It made it through the winter, but aphids and high temperature […]

It’s been a few weeks, the delay is simply due to much happening at this end. Surprised, I guess not.The flooring has been the big next finishing project, but firstthe basement dirt had to be placed back around the walls, then the rest of the […]