Kostia S.

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Kostya is the youngest of the guys, now 11 years old. His dad and mom, Veichaslav and Natasha are our houseparents for Stephen’s Home. To say that he had a rough start is an understatement. More or less his doctor didn’t want him, but his parents did and so after three days of being in his mother womb without water, mom was finally induced into labor and he was given the opportunity to live and join their family. Kostya has four older siblings, his sister Liza is studying to be a doctor and when home from medical school helps mom care for him.

With cerebral palsy, and further complications because of the birthing process, Kostya requires a lot of therapy and ongoing exercise to keep limber. He also needs help with almost every aspect of life from eating and dressing to cleaning and being put to bed. During the day he loves to watch television, play on the internet and listen to classical music. Yes, he is truly a child of this day and age and does not appreciate when electricity goes out, then the internet does not work. One might think the world had come to an end with the way Kostya sometimes responds, but when everything is working properly, he’s actually a pretty happy guy.


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