November 28 Details staring to be added, the underside of the roofing is going on in part because not all the needed materials for the top part were ordered together. Eventually it will get out to the worksite and put into place. Here are the […]

November 24th Sasha took these pictures I’m afraid of heights so you’d not see these kinds of views, I’d be on the ground.  Sasha got some pretty good shots. The key guy is in the gray jacket, Sasha, my project manager who’s stepping down. He’s […]

November 17thWorking to gain insight from the way others help and teach the disabled.We want to do our best when Stephen’s home opens to our young men. Phyllis and I shared our following morning observing and talking with moms and dads who love their disabled […]

NOVEMBER 16th My friend and coworker out at the orphanage, Phyllis, took a trip with me to visit and learn from others who are also working with children and young adults who are disabled here in Ukraine. It was such a beautiful and encouraging trip […]

A raining Sunday morning November 13th Question 1: There is suppose to be a column standing on this square foundation helping to hold up the roof that is in place, where is it? This is the roof the column is suppose to be helping to […]

So this past week ended with quite the quandary, but brought about a conclusion that will hopefully, provide the best solution for the metal roofing that will begin to be put on the house the end of this coming week. As you can see in […]

November 1 – snowflakes in the air… …they might end up on the floor of the house too! The roof isn’t to be completely finished until the end of this month.