May 16th
Monday was a crazy busy day, but no rain! Two thumbs up.

Clearing the fallen wall of the septic tank was first on the list.
Though a clear sunny day, I still had concerns about the guys being in the pit.
We had 5 or 6 “Indians” & 5 or 6 “Chiefs” barking out orders through the day,
my own in concern for their safety. Thankfully no one got hurt.

Once most of the dirt was cleared away, when the grate of rebar, that forms the floor of the septic tank, had to be lifted to the side. After that, the rest of the dirt was removed and the grate dropped down once again to the floor level.

Then the cement truck came and filled the floor

Meanwhile…the construction company was doing their fair share of the work

The ceiling of the basement is prepped for the cement to be poured.

Truck #1 unloads

Truck #2 unloads

Cement Mix-Truck #3 was needed for completion of this ceiling & the floor of the tank.

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