May 27th

Here in Ukraine, today was the last day of school.
In the States we may have a celebration often when a child graduates from kindergarten, some when they go from middle-school to high-school. Here, that happens for all the kids every year, so the day’s celebration at school is huge and 
everyone’s decked-out in their best.

The sunshine just beginning to break through the foggy morning on the far pasture, so beautiful!

Well, for us, sunshine today meant a good day to get busy, so we did, but not really in our best outfits, though some of the guys might like to say so.

Paul was out early to get the cement mixed for mortar so brick laying could begin again today.

Getting this sewage tank built is our focus right now.

The extra support between layers of brick has to be trimmed down to size, 
Bryan took on that job today.

Vlademir, a gentleman from church in town, joined us to make a big dent, 
well, he heightened the wall a whole lot 🙂

Sasha did the same and we praise the Lord that the ground has not 
collapsed again with the rains we’ve had.

Work, what’s that? 🙂
These two are the delivery guys to those in the pit. It’s the same over and over – bucket up, fill it with mortar or bricks, bucket down, all day long – so their waiting for the next empty bucket to be tossed up.

mortar mixing

The company team today did a whole lot of cement pouring.

Just a little bit more of the foundation to go, then the house walls will begin going up.

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