Roofing wrap up! We signed the documents saying the work’s complete with a few more details to complete in the next couple weeks December 29th Light shining through windows that have been installed. INDOORS With the inspector, construction designer, both my project managers and the […]

The day electricity was hooked up to the plot at Stephen’s home. December 28th Lights on! Windows up top went in the day before. This is the fencing design for the border of the property.

A little bit more each day! The windows in the high roof area of the house arrived today. December 20th Men from the window company will install them on Thursday. Completion of our metal roofing supply on Thursday as well, all this pending clear weather.

December 16 Would ya look at that! It’s taken quite a while to get to this point,  metal roofing on the house, but it looks pretty good I must say.

as of December 4th Metal roofing is being place, well, one piece and one set of windows has plastic covering it. It’s a start! The cold of winter has already set in,  so the guys are working 6 days a week to get the work […]

November 28 Details staring to be added, the underside of the roofing is going on in part because not all the needed materials for the top part were ordered together. Eventually it will get out to the worksite and put into place. Here are the […]

November 24th Sasha took these pictures I’m afraid of heights so you’d not see these kinds of views, I’d be on the ground.  Sasha got some pretty good shots. The key guy is in the gray jacket, Sasha, my project manager who’s stepping down. He’s […]