May 18th

Sorry for my delay in getting these posted, it’s been a crazy busy few days wrapping up with the guys who have been here to work.
This was, like the others, a day of hard work and we 
accomplished what we set out to do.


The old shack is gone man, solid gone!!!

These guys put up the fence on the side to fill the gap and around the corner, across the front of the property to keep people off of it. 
It’s been used as a toilet and short cuts for years sitting empty.


Brick delivered for the walls of the sewage tank. Used some later in the day to make a temporary grill for making a traditional Ukrainian dish, shash-lik or shish-kabobs.

Bruce & Sergei set the forms for the back fence in place.

Ralph, the mastermind behind the project measuring out and cutting the longer planks.

Paul, forming the boxes for the supportive, wider pilers.

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