May 17th

Tuesday, with predictions of rain in the forecast, but more cement arriving this day, the work started right after a breakfast of cornbread and beans was prepared.

The cement truck arrived & managed not to hit any of our trees and I think our grape vines even made it through round one.

It came today for the foundation of the back wall that will be built, 
beginning around the perimeter.

Bruce, overseeing the work, taking a break. 
He and his brother Ralph are nonstop working machines, if there’s a job to be done, their on it.

Vladamier, from church, joined us both Monday & today.
His strength in working has been so very helpful, he’s a digging machine. 
He says he’s up for more of it again next week. 

The old house on the plot for Naomi’s home is coming down…


Trying to save what we can, Sergei helped in getting the rest of the roof off.

& the storm blows in

Look out below! 
It took 12 big truck loads to clear the plot of the debris from the old house. 
The old fruit trees will come down next as they no longer bear fruit. 

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