May 15th

church – orphanage – downtown

The church in Darivka
Each team member introduced themselves – Bryan shared he’d given every part of his life, with his wife to do whatever God asked, so he showed up at NMSI 6 months ago and then here.

Dale preached – giving Sasha a bit of a break

Sasha and Nadya shared in song with us all
Jesus is our first love


& one of the 2 grand children present shared a song with us all

We delivered bananas that were purchased by a ladies class at 
The Lakeway Church in Lakeway, TX
The kids were so excited to receive them and the guys grateful to share with the kids.

These kids are temporarily relocated as their hall is being refurbished, makes living quarters a bit tight.

Sasha with Anya, we interrupted their nap time, but I don’t think anyone minded.

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