Move in dates

In Ukraine, it’s been stated before, “nothing is for certain till it actually happens,” but these are some of the pending plans for PROMISE as we head into the season of celebration…


Our Guys

The adult guys that we minister to in the different institutions have been isolated now since the beginning of the quarantine back in March. The physical change is not significant, but the simple fact that they had visitors has been a routine they adjusted to […]


Anastasiia M.

Anastasiia is a young girl of 16 and has been waiting to be adopted since her father passed away in the spring of 2018. Even before this tragic event, Anastasiia physically has struggled through life in the orphanage as she has a very rare disability that causes her body to build up infections. Monitoring and proper care for her has been a challenge and her condition became life threatening in the fall of 2018, but not for the first time…


 CURTAINS That has been the name of the game now for at least two or three months, trying to get the house to feel like a home. One reason came mid summer as we had guests staying in the home, but the overall need has […]


Where are we at with WORK?  WILL Stephen’s Home get completed? Since the start of the year we have had a handful of workers doing as much as they can, living on the premises and putting in long hours. The reason for so few worker? […]