Our team is growing quickly and as you can well imagine there are constant needs that come up and have to be taken care of. Just as a general breakdown, over this past year:

  • Our wonderful friend and co-worker Phyllis has overcome stage 4 cancer, but needs to continue to maintain a very high level of health as her body may be immune to things she may not be aware of.
  • Maksym and his wife Ania have a little girl who’s just a year and a half old. As Ania continues to nurse and gain an understanding of mothering, and Maksym with fathering, they continue together to work on finding the balance in life together as a family.
  • Viacheslav and Natalia as the houseparents in the home, with their son Kostia, need constant prayer as they prepare for the time when our young guys will be brought into the home and then finding a good balance. As change brings about the need for adjustment, pray their health will not be compromised by stress or fatigue.

Please be in prayer for them now as they are recovering to full health from serious illness.

  • Oleksandra and her continued dedication and desire to work with the orphans has been dampened greatly due to the quarantine. Their love and desire to see her compels them to call her since they can not visit in person. Even through this time of inability to enter the orphanage, there are family and personal challenges that she needs prayer for. Her undying love for the orphans are a great burden for her as well, but she takes their burden very personally and often carries a very heavy load.
  • Two PROMISE team members, Viktoriia and Valentyna, both suffer from high blood pressure. Medications here frequently does nothing to help. Please be in prayer for them as often this disables them from being able to participate in work.

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