Anastasiia is a young girl of 16 and has been waiting to be adopted since her father passed away in the spring of 2018. Even before this tragic event, Anastasiia physically has struggled through life in the orphanage as she has a very rare disability that causes her body to build up infections. Monitoring and proper care for her has been a challenge and her condition became life threatening in the fall of 2018, but not for the first time.

Unfortunately, since 2018, Anastasiia has had multiple hospitalizations. Through intensive conversations with both Anastasiia’s doctor, the director and her staff at the orphanage, and the constant watchful care of my staff member, Oleksandra, Anastasiia is still alive. She has lived past the predicted 3 to 6 months that her doctor predicted back in 2018. But her system is very weak and will need to begin daily dialysis for her one remaining kidney.

The need for Anastasiia to receive the dialysis, though prescribed for now, cannot be done. With the lack of staff from the orphanage, monetary funding for that staff member to live and rent space in Kiev in order to assist Anastasiia and the quarantine in effect and hospitals only treating certain cases, again and again this young lady has had to wait and endure.

But she lives with hope. Please be in prayer for the couple who are preparing to come from the States to adopt her. The family has been in process for almost a year and a half now and still, they have not yet received their invitation to come to Ukraine, from the Kiev government office so they can begin the adoption process here. Anastasiia will be their second child adopted from the orphanage in Oleshky. Their son’s adoption was over 10 years ago and it has transformed his life.

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