In Ukraine, it’s been stated before, “nothing is for certain till it actually happens,” but these are some of the pending plans for PROMISE as we head into the season of celebration:

December 28 – Board Meeting for discussions about details in moving the first two young men into Stephen’s Home. We have legal paperwork that we have started and more that needs to be done. For the protection and safely of all, we want to do things well and correctly.

January 4th – Will be our Christmas gathering with close to 40 folks, those who work on the Team of PROMISE and spouses. Plans for the coming move of guys into the home will be shared and schedules for assistants set. Prayer for all the details that need to be initiated and completed by the end of the month.

January 5th or 6th – Drive to Kairy to take Slava Ivonov out of the men’s institution permanently. His mother, Irina, will officially become his guardian on December 31st. She will take him home to celebrate the holidays with her for the month.

Between the dates of January 16th and February 1st – Slava and Maksym will be moved into Stephen’s Home, the forest room, as our first residence. Their mothers are willing to stay with them over the first few days and visit frequently through the following months in order to less the stress and trauma of “a new home” as each of them are adults and life rhythms in place will be broken. Helping to establish the new ones will take some time.

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