Where are we at with WORK? 

WILL Stephen’s Home get completed?

Since the start of the year we have had a handful of workers doing as much as they can, living on the premises and putting in long hours. The reason for so few worker? Those working for us, also have other ministries and the Lord is opening opportunities for them to expand. So that limits their availability to work for us, but let me share that the men working with us are a great team of guys.
Valic, who is installing doors is having to do some creative work as our doorways were not made according to the plan, 10 centimeters taller than they’re supposed to be, so even with the framework, there’s a bit of a gap. Needless to say, we’ve had our share of “what happened here” and this is just one more case. Gratefully, these guys working with us are used to fixing one another’s unique ways of building.

Our heating/water system is now officially completed. Slava has spent the past two months fixing what was done incorrectly, installing a holding tank for heated water, and making sure everything is safe and hooked up properly. For the second time, the heating system in the home was started up with the intent that it will now function much more efficiently and provide the sources needed so our residence will stay warm. The Lord is putting together a wonderful team for PROMISE, with Slava as the house father for these guys. Slava has already blessed Stephen’s Home with his professional knowledge, patient understanding, and persistence to make sure PROMISE provides what’s needed in this department.

Air conditioning units, four units to begin with, were delivered then installed within three days’ time by a local pastor and his team of young guys. With these few units, we’ve focused on installing them in areas of the home that will be lived in most by the first round of young men we move into the home. We are prayerful that will be in May. With the virus and quarantines around the world, we are trusting the Lord in this timing.

Jennia, a general handy man, is a blessing right now too. His work is professionally done and he works from sunup to sundown, going home only on the weekends to see his family. When there are jobs that Maxim, Sashinka or I can do, we pitch in and help out, but a good portion of our time is spent obtaining the needed supplies and having them delivered so the work can go on. Thanks to Jennia, the main hall is just about complete. 
Tiles and laminate have now been placed on the base of the wall. He completed all the plastering in the Safari Bedroom and prepared and primed the walls to be painted. He’s finished framework so that the guest bathroom can be completed and next he’ll complete the tiling in utility room. After the kitchen cabinetry is installed he will work on completing the tile in that room. 


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