Much work continues in the therapy garden, simply as the heat this summer is already so intense and it’s just now July. The trees are struggling to make it, I”m afraid we’ve lost another apricot tree. It made it through the winter, but aphids and high temperature were too much for my lack of good understanding with plants. I’m still learning. The 8 USD we paid for it were much, it’s just the time and effort to help and encourage new growth.

Our grape vines are unwavering, going bonkers. I thought the 2 meter high columns for them to grow up and out of would work, and they do, but the vines have grown up and out the top. Three of the vines have grapes as they’ve grown now for three years here in this therapy garden. Hopefully they’ll be around for years to come.

This is the end result of the digging for the drainage ditch for the roof water. it’s about the same size as our septic tank that was dug out by a backhoe. This was started by the team that came March 18th then finished by the company workers, all by hand with shovels and many, many wheelbarrows full of hard clay. It’s about 4.5 meters deep. About a meter and a half or two will be placed back on top once the cement 
is poured so we can garden on top of this cavern.

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