It’s been a few weeks, the delay is simply due to much happening at this end.
Surprised, I guess not.

The flooring has been the big next finishing project, but first
the basement dirt had to be placed back around the walls, then the rest of the extra dirt had to be moved to the plot of Naomi’s home to make room for this

so that

this shoot could bring the cement close

in the front door, for the men to fill buckets

and carry them through the house

and dump them one at a time

even it out

and end up with a room floor like this.

So this is how heated floors are completed in Ukraine.

There are four of these collector systems around the house
to adjust and control the heated flooring system, supplied by the 2 furnaces.

This again is the wood/coal furnace for the home. 
The gas furnace is in the basement waiting to be brought up
and connected to the system here in the utility room.

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