Day 2 of the flooring finishing process
and what a process it is.

This is looking down at a doorway, not yet completed.
Again so very thankful for the team of men working out at Stephen’s house. Their expertise and quality of work is so much better quality than the last.
God has blessed us with their work and effort.

You’re looking at brick, under the plumbing pipes, under the heated flooring tubes
that carry the pressurized water in them throughout the home.

The bedroom floor corridor completed

SO, this second day of flooring the men had to take a break
the 5 doors for the home arrived in this truck.

small problem, it was a little too tall for the electrical wires
the things we have to do in Ukraine to get the job done 😊
Maxim, as tall as he is, still had to hoist that long 
plank up in the air so the delivery truck could make it under.

This is the front door of Stephen’s house

The house parents front door, yes they are all dark, beautiful blue.

The garden court doors
The three doors here all have windows for two reasons,
the obvious being light, the other so those in wheelchairs will be able to 
see others on the outside of the door and not hit each other

I’ll share when they are installed. Won’t be long now that we have floors in.

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