October 19th
Updates on the roof, well trusses for the roof

I think I got all the perspectives except the one from up on top, 
not fond of homemade ladders and heights.

Went tree hunting today, now is the time to transplant them.
If the home is going to be lived in, it needs to have some provision of shade and fruit.
We lost three of the trees through this last year, the summer was especially harsh and dry. Those we do have are doing very well.

We looked at a nursery across the river from Darivka, outside the town called Ingoo. 
There is already a town called Ingoolets on the river Ingoolest, so this one just took the shortened version.

This dirt road took us to a barred dirt path, we walked the rest of the way. 
rather determined, or is “ruther” appropriate here?

Looking across at Darivka

It was so nice to see some trees I recognized.
The maples here were diseased, but the oaks were really pretty.

Japanese plum, a youngin’

Our tour guide with my 2 project managers.

The three water towers are always a delight to my heart. They sit on the plot right next to where we will build Naomi’s home for the young ladies.

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