So it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Part of the challenge with building projects is that when builders deviate from the building plan it takes a while to get back on track, fix problems that have been created. Yes, it’s taken us a full three weeks to fix the problem and get the supplies needed to begin building again. Grateful we are building again, but we’re about a month and half behind schedule at this point. 
God has a plan, trusting.

October 17th, Monday morning

From the day: Project 1
Getting the water off and out of the first floor house parents quarters
As there is no roof yet, with the rain we’ve had, it’s been a challenge to keep this area fairly dry, the basement under it too.

From the day: Project 2
Getting the the current trees in the garden prepared for winter, it’s cold already.
A new adventure on this sunny day.

Yes, that’s fresh from the local gal with 2 cows. 
Gifted her a bit more than a dollar for this fine donation. 
We sorted through the fresh and older dried pieces, set the fresh aside to dry for next spring.

Did I do okay Pop?

Very inexperienced here, so heavily dependant upon the advice of others, we got lots, 
often conflicting, so we did our best.

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