Okay, so there’s some progress that’s starting on the roofing, especially since much preparation had to go up before today. 
Why today, Wednesday, October 26th
Well it’s not a big holiday, just the rest of our lumber from Kiev arrived with the carpenter and his team today and the interior finished pieces that will bear the load of the roof. 
Excited, a little bit!

unloading of the truck

These are the eight columns with the premade trusses on the right.
All the wood in this photo has been finished with a light gray, natural look to match the colors that will coordinate in this main hall and the kitchen, an open area to one another.

Looking into the house at the side door, through the utility room
 and hallway into the main hall at the premade trusses.

Up on the ROOF TOP

The guys that were there to help today worked hard, but there was a challenging couple bumps in the day, to say the least.

 Maxim working on getting the ground prepared for an apricot tree and Sergei finishing the wall around the garden plot before winter sets in.

Because the decorative metal work going along the back of the fence is not ready yet, we put up a temporary simple metal cover for the open space through the winter at our neighbor ladies request. She wants people to stay off her property, so we met her request.

This is how it looked when finished

It’s just we put it on the wrong side of the brick wall that’s up, and the neighbor watched the whole production and came to tell us as the last screws were being placed in loose spots that she wanted it on our side of the fence, not taking 10 cm from her side of the fence. So after a day of work and lots of complaint from the neighbor, as she will use those 10 cm through the winter, the guys began to take everything apart and begin again. 
Tomorrow I’ll share with you the end results.

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