It was a warmer sunny day today out at the building site, a lot happened.

Maxim and I worked in the garden to prepare the grape vines for the base of the 
trellis that will begin to go up this Thursday.
I’m going to be sore in the morning, I just know it.

This little pear tree is going great guns, 
I anticipate it may bare a bit more fruit this year.
Cherry blossoms are open in time for Easter this coming weekend.

• one of the transplanted cherry trees

Weak walls going down to the basement under the church got fixed today.
Heavy trucks making deliveries of wood, cement, brick, building blocks, you name it, have made the brick wall buckle. So before more truck deliveries began, 
the brick was removed and the wall fixed. This delivery of sand and gravel was dumped outside the yard, so the truck wouldn’t fall into the basement. 
The crew did quick work today to fill the form for the wall with cement.


The main two bathrooms for the young men who will live here in Stephen’s home.
The floor will receive its first layer of cement this week, hence the funny line
of cement markers, these will be a gauge of height.

• faucet fittings for one of the guys bathrooms

Two end bathrooms, continuing toward the finishing process of plumbing.

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