This next week the first layer of concrete flooring will be poured.
You can see in these pictures the preparation for this, as the floors are being pounded down with wood and metal mallets, tossed again and again. The house rather reverberates with the sound of the pounding, don’t want to get your foot in the way.

what’s been pounded and what needs to be, side by side

This will be the fresh air vent for the fireplace. It’s sitting
on the foundation of the fireplace currently and at this point, can not be moved.😊
the vent piping, that is

Outside the kitchen, the grease settling tank is being put in, evidently separating out the grease from the water that flows from the kitchen sinks and dishwasher so that the grease doesn’t clog the pipes going to the septic tank. There’s a new one for ya.

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