Yes it’s been a bit. 
Our roofing company took their time about getting all the details wrapped up. That eventually happened the end of January. We took a short building break and have now started work on the interior of the house. 
First on the list: ventilation
this area you see above will become separated bathrooms

The two largest areas that will need ventilation are the kitchen area (above)
and the main hall (below)

We don’t have the interior walls up yet, but much of the air circulation system will be placed in these walls along the attic level. I climbed up here today to look at where the chimney stacks will all go out through the roof (below).

We have the peak of the roof, the center beam here, to consider.
Opening this area up today helped to make it clear to the builders 
will need to put the chimney’s to the left of center so there is space for the 5 stacks in this set of chimney’s and the one that will run parallel from it for the wood/coal furnace.

attic space along the back of the house

Looking down at the front entry way, 
this will have a wall with a door to the kitchen. 
The attic area too will be walled off.

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