Roofing wrap up!
We signed the documents saying the work’s complete
with a few more details to complete in the next couple weeks
December 29th

Light shining through windows that have been installed.


With the inspector, construction designer, both my project managers and the builders present we walked through the house and went over those items that still need to be completed before we make the final payment to the building company for their work on the roof. They’ve built the three parts of the house thus far. 
First was the foundation, the walls went up next and then the roof.
Next will be the plumbing when spring comes and the ground thaws out.

On the right, the kitchen area, the central post was just added today. The question as to why it didn’t go up over a month and a half ago is still unclear, as it is a required structural support for this 7 meter spanning beam. 
Grateful at this point it’s up. Each post needs more base work support to solidify them.
In the coming week or two I will work with our metal worker to design these iron forms that will fit around the base screws embedded in each column’s foundation, see example in the picture below.

 The therapy garden

These are the start for the grape arbor that will be placed in the therapy garden.
The grapevines will sit in the center of each of these square columns.
A floral design and leaf will be added to each swirl & painted a flat black to complete them.
Look for future pictures of these come spring time.

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