November 24th

Sasha took these pictures
I’m afraid of heights so you’d not see these kinds of views, I’d be on the ground. 
Sasha got some pretty good shots.

The key guy is in the gray jacket, Sasha, my project manager who’s stepping down. He’s done a phenomenal job to get this project going, jump starting it a couple times in the process. In the center Constantine, our foreman who likes to do things his way, so eventually we get accomplished what’s necessary and Nickolay in the white sweatshirt, behind Sasha, leading the building team. Please continue to be in prayer for their safety, as you can see from these pictures below, they are working in high places.

facing down to the front area of the house toward the church building

looking out over our therapy garden plot
The gray graveled path will be poured with concrete this coming spring to form a smooth pathway for the wheelchairs to get around the garden area. The central tulip tree will provide shade and the 13 fruite trees, plenty to eat. 

the cathedral main hall – exterior & interior views

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