November 17th

Working to gain insight from the way others help and teach the disabled.
We want to do our best when Stephen’s home opens to our young men.

Phyllis and I shared our following morning observing and talking with moms and dads who love their disabled children enough to do something to provide for them rather than giving them up to the government to take care of in orphanages like that in Tsyrupinsk. 
In the process they are providing for other families who also have kids with disabilities so mom and dad can go to work and know that their kids are learning, growing and safe in an environment where they are really cared for.

The daily lesson begins everyday greeting every child 
and then putting up the picture of everyone present along with their name, 
recognizing that each child present is valued.

making sure their muscles don’t become atrophied, daily exercises is part of the routine

Fine motor skills are developed here in the classroom at desks,
but if sitting is too difficult, then they can go, free of their own accord, 
to the comfortable room and relax, maybe try again later.

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