We’ve been in a holding pattern for some time now. 
The biggest cause of this is the poor quality strength of cement that was delivered by a cement company, poured to form the top layer of the foundation. 
In the pictures below, the pinkish-red foundation now, that’s the chemical treatment applied to the cement. We’ve been waiting to see how well the chemical worked to improve the strength. It’s been weeks now to go through this whole process. I’d ask for your prayer as we’ve lost one of our 4 hired workers in the process. The men working are hard workers, 
I hope we do not loose more.

We did just sign the paperwork and made the first payment to continue working with this company for the next phase, building the walls. Everyone is ready to begin, again we just need confirmation that the foundation is strong enough.

Preparing for the reinforced concrete beam to be poured underneath the basement ceiling in order to finish off and connect the top portion of the load bearing wall

Area left open for building the staircase to the basement.
Basement ceiling after reinforcements have been applied, waiting to dry out completely

The pink stripe is the foundation with reinforced chemicals applied.
The next step will be to use a press to make sure the dirt is pressed down and compact for when the floor will be laid.

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