These were taken on Friday, 

For the guys who worked so very hard to get the walls of this large tank complete, here is the end result of your labor. Thank you!!!

The 40 cm of top soil will go on after the top piece dries for a few days. 
I don’t envy the men who will climb down into this to take out all the wood-forms and vertical supports that are holding up the forms. It’s all going to have to fit through that cap. The cap is about 2 feet in diameter, not small, but not big enough to let a lot of light in.

So the house is to have 8 wooden columns in the main room, the dinning-living room area, and one in the kitchen as interior supports for the lofted roof. What you see here in the following pictures are the foundational footers for both the posts and the fireplace, on the left here.
There’s 4 footers lined up along the right of the room

this is the one in the kitchen

The two in the far center of the photo are alongside the basement wall, that totals 7. 
Stumped, still trying to figure out why we’re missing the last two.
Was just informed that the pile of dirt will go back around the newly laid foundational wall, then the 2 additional post foundations will be dug up and poured in place.

Below is the completion of the house foundation, the entire wall now intact.
Sasha went Friday to look into purchasing our building blocks for the walls.
If I haven’t already shared, the documents for obtaining the rest of the garden property
for Stephen’s home was given to the owner, our neighbour Larisa, on Tuesday. Sasha then took it to appropriate local offices in Kherson to process the ownership division between Larisa and PROMISE. 
We have waited over a year for this to happen, all in God’s time. 

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