Spent a few more days this week working the land that will be the therapy garden plot for Stephen’s home. With the hot sun these days, watering the transplanted trees is the main focus, though weeding is going to be a never ending endeavor if we don’t try something new. 
So we bought something we were told is comparable to Roundup and sprayed it yesterday. Today the weeds all look the same. I don’t think it’s comparable!
Considering the price we paid for it, $4 to make a 5 liter spray container, tells me it’s not the same. Sasha’s willing to wait a day or two, I’m willing to maybe go look in another store to see if they sell Roundup. 
The soil is rich in Darivka. It’s wonderful for growing plants, we drove through fields of blooming sunflowers this morning on the way to church. The problem is weeds grow just as quickly, if not faster. The vine that’s formed across the entire garden area is all connected and it’s roots are a bear to get out, well if your like me and have little upper body strength. The hoe I use is sharp, but requires a few more wacks to get to the bottom of the problem :-).

We have about 20 of these two or three year old fruit trees around the perimeter of the 
therapy garden that were transplanted this past fall and spring from the plot you see in the upper left corner where we will build the home. 
(The variety of trees: apple, pear, plum, cherry, apricot, peach and 10 new grape vines that are about 2 feet tall now. We also have a Japanese flowering tree and a walnut tree that will become the center of the garden area.)

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