Over this past week Jennifer and Joe Brown, along with Sasha and I have done some major cleanup work on the property. The perimeter has needed to be cleared and Sasha’s done almost all of the edges in preparation for the plot to be officially surveyed and staked so we can put up temporary new fencing through the building process. 

The health of the trees has been a big concern, both those that were transplanted but the new ones and grape vines too. The snails multiply buy the hundreds it seems, overnight so I painted the scented white paint that’s popular here in Ukraine, it’s usually goes on at the start of the season. We’re a little slow, that’s all.

These are our 10 grape vines of varying types and colors, though labeled, we may just have to wait a few years to find out for certain what kinds they really are.

This area will have a foundation on it, we pray, this next year.

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